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Junior/Adult Level
From Persecutor to Missionary

anuary 27, 2019

Paul of Tarsus

Junior Level Intro: Our Sunday school topic for today focuses on the role of missionary in the world. God can use you to travel around the block on which you live to tell your neighbors about Christ. He may want you to go much further than your neighborhood, but what better place to start than there? outline:

  1. Ask the students - What is a missionary?
  2. Ask the students - How is a missionary like the Apostle Paul?
  3. Describe a missionary from your area. Ask - What is life like for them?
  4. What can you remember about the life of Apostle Paul?
  5. What does the Bible say?
  6. Describe the joy and personal reward of humble dedication - the indwelling Christ
  7. Challenge students to serve others in humility this week
  8. Prayer
Handout: From Persecutor to Missionary


From Persecutor to Missionary


Bring a copy of a world map

Serving others


God Bless you all,


GOD Bless You.


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January 27, 2019

Description: http://img.oncoloring.com/persian-queen-esther-used_4d7f1aa24a9b1-p.gif

Grades 3-6 Sunday School Lesson

Bible Heroines - Esther is Challenged (Part 2), by Lisa DeVinney

Esther is Challenged (Part 2)

Author’s Notes:  

Last week, we met a new Bible heroine by the name of Esther.  She became the Queen of Persia without anyone knowing that she was a Jew.  But this week, we’re going to find a challenge raised against Esther and her people.  We’ll learn about where the challenge came from; and how Esther was perfectly positioned by God to take the challenge head-on.

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Grades 3-6 Sunday School Lesson

Bible Heroines - Esther is Challenged (Part 2), by Lisa DeVinney

Fill in the Blanks

  1. King                        made a decree that everyone should bow to his friend, Haman.
  2. Esther’s uncle,                              , refused to bow to Haman.
  3. Mordecai said he would not bow because he was a                       .
  4. Mordecai told                 that maybe she had been chosen “for such a time as this.”
  5. Going before the king uninvited could cost Esther her                   .

  True or False
1.  Haman wanted to have all the Jews in the kingdom killed. 
2. King Ahasuerus told Haman that his plan was cruel, and refused him permission.  3. The people of Shushan were shocked by the king’s decree concerning the Jews. 
4. Esther heard about the decree right away. 
5. Esther asked the other Jews in Shushan to fast for three days as she prepared to go before the king. 

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-- Lisa DeVinney --

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