Chapter 2

The First Man

by Jenny Wren


Someone asked me to tell in my own words how I see what I read in Genesis? And how did it look to my mind’s eye? So, as somewhat of a writer (with a vivid imagination)… about the scene I vision when earth and creation first began…

Chapter Two
The First Man

God smiled as he went about his molding of this first man. He stretched out his creative self and envisioned it and, slowly ho molded the clay like material into the feet with five toes on each foot, at the end of both legs to carry his creation about, with the gentleness of a real Father there were arms and unique five fingers curved upon each of his good sized hands. The muscles of the chest and legs and neck were shaped then placed in place like a unique, one-of-a-kind puzzle. God had formed a roundish ball that kind of reminded him of a miniature earth-man and the head was complete and then he sat it gingerly atop of the neck, connecting this head to the body by a perfect set of seven vertebrae as all of the animals had even that tall gangly feller over there laughed with God as he watched the giraffe pulling leaves from a nearby tree, eating them...

God raised himself from his stooped over position, and suddenly smiling and closing his eyes a moment, he slowly sucked in a giant breath of air .

Then he did a wondrous thing, He placed his mouth over the mouth of this molded clay-man and breathed into it, and life miraculously came inside of this molded clay

Suddenly, on command, the man arose from the ground and stood stretching his new body, He stood looking about fearfully, and then looked down at himself.

So, gingerly, the new man lifted one of his legs and it moved fluid - like, then he lifted the other and promptly fell to the ground., While he sat there he looked at his arms and hands, moving them in all of the directions that they would move He got acquainted with all of his body parts, smiled and looked about him and there stood God beside him, holding an arm out with hand extended to lift him to stand tall.

As the clay man was raised to stand again on his feet, such overwhelming love filled and overflowed his heart as He looked into the eyes of God and saw there a reflection of himself. But he did not look like clay; his body was soft and human as could be. God softly spoke “Adam.” He liked this feeling of being alive and he, Adam, seemed to understand what God said when he walked and talked with him, He told him of creating him, that he wanted to create many animals and asked Adam if he would help him. with naming them.

God went about speaking and finished his making of the different animals and bringing them to Adam to name. “Name, call them what you please, Adam. They will keep that name forever."

Adam and God stayed busy all evening and by the time of getting dark God saw that he had forgotten something and He caused a deep sleep to fall over Adam and as Adam lay asleep the Lord reached to Adam’s side and made a little hole (the first surgery ever recorded) and God pulled from Adam one of the long slender curved ribs from his cage that held his body erect. It was the bone close to Adams heart, one that helped to hold him up, and out of this part of Adam God created a mate for Adam. God did not want his created man to be lonely on the new earth. God knew of loneliness and did not care for it, so the solution was found and there stood Eve, made from the created man. She was made soft and lovable, and made especially for his greatest creation, man.

He awakened Adam and first thing Adam said when he looked at his new mate was "woman" (which meant bone of my bone).

God looked at all of his creations and then he spoke, “this is truly good.” He then instructed all of the animals and Adam and eve to go and multiply and have children and the night fell on the sixth day, the sun warmed and woke Adam and eve and they began living upon the earth. Adam took care of the Garden of Eden and eve helped him. They worked together as one unit.

"But this day is the day, we are to rest" said our creator. Yes, God even rested from his labor when it was finished, on the seventh day.

thus creation began…


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