Chapter 1

In the Beginning

by Jenny Wren


Someone asked me to tell in my own words how I see what I read in Genesis? And how did it look to my mind’s eye? So, as somewhat of a writer (with a vivid imagination)… about the scene I vision when earth and creation first began…

In the Beginning

I can just see the spirit of God, as he looked about this universe ,and it was black, cold and bare as a snake’s belly, it was dark as night all of the time Then God wanted light, something to see, to work by. "Let there be light," he said, “ what was once dark as pitch, suddenly shone bright,…

God wished for differences to be made and, of course, all He had to say, what differences he wanted to happen, The angels were in awe as they shouted. “Ho-ly” just as sudden as it came, the light seemed to know what the Master was thinking and

and divided itself into two parts, dark, one half and one halfm light (day and night).” the morning and the night were the first day
"It is Good he conceded

God then seperated the waters from below and above the firmnant
And God called this firmament "Heaven." And the evening and the morning were the second day.

His Word is the creator. He said, "Let all of that matter out there come in together and make a big round object like this!” as he swirled his arms into a huge circle

Suddenly there were several horribly loud bangs. It was quickly heard throughout the sky. This sound echoed across the sky in a “pop, flash, pop, flash, pop” fashion. (All because of the sudden noise makers.)

The elements seemed to be distressed in so much scary thunder and lightning. " It was plain to see that; this ‘Celestial happening’ made the angels all jump in unison.


God looked over at them as they stood aghast at the happenings all about them God had not failed to see that they had hovered into a tight little ‘wad of wings all a shudder,’..

Suddenly the floating millions of years old objects that lay orbiting in their own set way, out in space
( many floated and crashed into one another and making it a very noisy place to be.). The tranquility of the heavens gave away to abrupt noise, indeed it was an unusual sound.

Now the Ball of earth-matter, was fashioned as round as a kind of door knob, a longish ball (near the shape of a longer football in shape, this ball stood politely in thin air, just as GOD said.)

Then God said, “Now we seem to need something to hold this mass all together, into this ball shape.” He thought and suddenly, with a knowing grin that only a Spirit of Love could emit, He straightened up and commanded the Ball to do what he wished.

So God shoutes "Rotate!"

Then this unsteady awkward, giant ball started into a slow lumbering movement of jerky rolls and ended in a twirling roll and, as it did, crunching could be heard as boulders found their place, creating mountains and bluffs. Next it rolled into a smooth ,‘now even’ tilted twirl as gravity became a reality..

"Not too fast now,” he shouted in a massive, commanding voice. The ball slowed down in it’s roll, until finally God finally said, "There, that is it.! Stop gaining. Do not make a wobble, yes, rotate in THIS orbit, now, travel at that perfect rate of speed, until I tell you to stop."

Yes, God had this great idea in his mind ,.He is in the process of creating a beautiful object out of this ball called earth .

He would grow it over with trees and grasses, etc. - giant trees and good sturdy fruit trees, waters from streams coming down from the mountainside and making rivers come down between them. In each valley, There would be mountains there, with flowing streams.
“That’s it“,He grinned,
“I need a circulation system to water this earth for growing,” he said. It soon fell into place and God looked and said "Now this is beautiful. I do truly love this. Yes, it is good."
and the evening and morning were the third day

He then thought something else was needed - animals to share this huge ball that now sat in such a slow spin that one could hardly notice it move ,because of it ‘s size. God has a frown, (knowing that he had demolished all of the dinosaurs).”((all they have done for so long is fight anyhow” he scolded to himself.))

They had semi-lived in a helter-skelter fashion, on the biggest part of this big ball he now called the earth,
Yes, . The mountains had suddenly covered and killed each of them quickly their death now fertilized much of the ground.

God frowned as he said, “They died suddenly. I will make many smaller animals (this time around.) “He muttered to himself as an angel smiled at God’s way of doing things.

Then he said. “I need something else. It has grown chilly at night. So as he 'spoke a huge flaming ball and the sun flew from his mind in one word, "Sun!" and the sun landed right in it’s stationary place.

Suddenly everything was lit up. Seeing this, “This is Good," shouted God.

Then the night time slowly came and it was inky black.

God said "We need a little light; the sky is just not pretty like in the daytime when my sun is shining. “

“Let’s see what we can do about that, and I want this to be beautiful sight."

So he, in one giant swooping word, ”There “ God shouts as he flung out the stars. "ohhhh, Such beauties," he exclaimed. "Oh my, look how they twinkle. “Shine my precious little lights!" Then the moon was slung out and reflected the sun back to the earth and God stood with a grin, amazed at his own creation. "Do you see that (He said in Spirit)? Look.. this is indeed Good." The angels all agreed in unison,. " this is Good" He cried to Himself
and the morning and evening were the fourth day

Then the time for great and small fish ,plus the many fowl of the air were to come forth from his words, it was indeed good, as He lovingly looks upon the earth with three words "It is good." he sighs as he smiled to himself
as day five made its bed for the night,

on the sixth morning bright and early we find God still in his creative mood.
seemed to be no time before the sun arose and outshined the stars, moon, and as a matter fact they hid themselves from sight, and angels, in unison burst out in Holy praises. The angels applauded as they watched all of this taking place in amazement. as animals ,large and small came forth from the Lord.

"Animals ! yes I want all kinds of animals I need on my earth , and one last thing
“Man,?. I need 'man' on this, my earth. to care for things here..He is to be a free person and have will of his own , just as His abba Father,His Creator does.

Then He proceeded in the creating of each kind of animal and a mate for same.
He spoke this and that,and patted and placed together all of the different species of animals, to roam freely upon this created earth.

AsThen God had a huge grin upon his face as He started pulling together a big mound of clay like earth, this damp earth, with his own two hands, on this sixth day , he started into the creation of a man. “Let’s see, I will make him in our Image, OK? Here goes................."

…Thus ends the 'beginning' of Earth’s story…

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