Looking at a 'force'
(By Jenny wren)

Deeming yourself worthy, that's 'vanity's pride
A fall is sure coming, run to Jesus, and hide,

Great is the fall, as you come crashing down,
to soot and ashes, from God's created ground

It is so very true; as you lay under the ground,
you will 'worry' no more about 'falling down'

when you my child are beaten down this low
Upon bended knees is; where you should go

remember: to be humble, as thru' life you go
blessing your enemy in every 'seed' you sow

resting in Your Lord your protector and guide
under His shelter-wings, children shall abide

He created us, using; His 'own true measure',
Created His children, for His own 'pleasure'

It is Not for you that 'Lord/God' was created
'man' made for God."in my image"He stated

Do you see what force .that must have been
driven to create us, then save us? my friend

Genesis ,1;1
in the beginning God created,(not us)

too many people fall in love with and worship the messenger, rather than falling in love and worshipping the God from whom the message originated. himself, 'God is the creator of the message,
, the message telling you of a crucified Savior, it bares love to you , whom God also created Jesus , to be as first one of his children.(in his image)

just as when people now look at the field of wildflowers ,knowing that there is a 'brilliant mind' behind the creation, of all of this Beauty and uniformity,

in his natural creation he has made for us to enjoy.

,even down to the finest detail of each individual speciman.
he that created, is the 'one' to be worshiped, the 'owner and maker 'of it 'All,............

too many fall in love with the Creation, instead of the Creator...'God or Mannon', you choose whom you this day,will serve.

Jesus was created by God himself

he came from the heart of God for us, to mold and shape us,in His image,
to love us and die for us.,
he is something tangable, one can 'see' ,which is filled with the spirit of God and that is 'why' we can love him so readily..................

also that is why the children of God, are also like the earthern vase that holds the supply the message,

the message is the thing that God sends for us,to give to others

God sent to us, Jesus, this was in the 'plan of God' and was agreed on, from the very beginning of time, they are 'one,' Jesus is God, in human clothes,(a body)

There is only the one God, there shall ;

God is LORD, of all>

God is God of all Gods,

He has always held, his 'triune' state of being
just as we, are also,of the 'triune image', in his likeness
( 1-Mind, 2-Body and 3-Spirit.)
(1-Father, 2-Son, 3-HolySpirit)

what is "born" of 'God is God' ,

what is "born" of 'man is man'

what is "born" of satan is satan,.

what is "born" of animal is animal

what is 'born' of fowl is fowl

what is 'born' of fish is fish.........
when you are first born of man you are 'born' as man

so when you are 'reborn' into the family of God
the familyis 'one unit', we are as "one with God" ,

praise his holy name
we are "one building stone of His bride, His body, His church,

He the savior,of all mankind

if they confess him and keep Him, as their Lord, Jesus is the one to worship, yes , He who hold's God inside of himself, so we can actually 'see God'
,(He said when you 'see me', you 'see the Father',we are one,)

can others see God in you, ?

,if not ,we must strive to be more of his own,

we can never reach perfection in this life ,
but we can be found striving for that aim.

get in the race and let God reign in your heart and life
give your total 'will' to him and live as God, himself ,would live in you. loving all others, and serving all others.doing the will of God,your will, is now,His will.
you gave it to him.

When you give your body and soul to the lord ... you are yours no longer

you.......you now belonging to another,

you are Gods own body,
to use as HE alone sees fit to use.
as He aslo used The body of; the christ jesus ,
the promised (from the beginning)Messiah....

when you give of yourself ot God , you are a part of the great family of God,we are as 'one.'.withour Heavenly Father, he is living inside of us, just as he lived inside of Jesus,
we shall indeed do more than that one did because now there is so many more to be doing the works of God where in the first, there was only the 12 with Jesus m now ther e are the millions who serve the Lord God almighty, God will ocme in and live insideo fyour heart ,(Know ye not that your Body is (one of) the temples of the Lord, wwe belong to a Royal Family'

When all of the bodies of Gods children, are finished an formed,
God will finally have a place to rest his head. we are His body.controlled by the head,which is God that same Father God,who ocntrolled every move of Jesus the son,.

Yes, our Savior Jesus made the way, He is the one to thank he is God inside of ourhuman bodies.

the one to worship, Tis' he who holds your and my future eternity, in his giant creative, hands,.not the pastor .not the church youa re a member of,

The pastor is only a part of Gods,Creation, just as you are,.
just as 'you were before you gave yourself to God'.
the Pastor has given himself to God and he is a fellow part of "the body' just as you are.

'Jesus is the one' who reigns over your destiny, not the preacher,

the Pastor who gives to you special helpful messages from God for your benefit,

never praise him, as you would the Holiness,of God
man is only the image of the REAL God, you serve.

the preacher is no more than the pipeline, the message flowed through, from the throne of God, into your hearing ,into your mind and then settled into your heart .............
Dear God, I wait in anxious anticipation of the coming of Your Son once more. Reveal Him to me in new ways, Lord. Let Him be born in my heart anew. Amen (Bobby Harris)