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  • Youth-Adult
  • Grades 3-6
  • Primary
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Junior/Adult Level
Letting Go and Letting God

July 15, 2018

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Letting Go and Letting God, by CindyGirl

Teacher's Guide:  Letting Go and Letting God

Letting Go and Letting God
Junior Level

Sometimes life throws situations and circumstances at us that seem hopeless and we seek God’s word and we seek Him in prayer and still we just do not know what to do.   We feel our emotions go out of control and we start to panic.  We can go ahead to put our hands into it and make everything worse, or we can learn to Let Go and Let God.  When we learn to wait patiently on the LORD, we learn to rise above our emotions.  He teaches us that we can live skillfully instead of just reacting emotionally to crisis.  It can be one of the hardest lessons to learn and do but when we do finally learn it, we find the peace and the rest that comes from Letting Go and Letting God.

Junior Level

Letting Go and Letting God, by Cindygirl

Handout:  Letting Go and Letting God

"Broken Dreams"

As children bring their broken toys 
With tears for us to mend, 
I brought my broken dreams to God, 
Because He was my friend. 
But then instead of leaving Him, 
In peace to work alone, 
I hung around and tried to help, 
With ways that were my own. 
At last, I snatched them back and cried, 
"How can you be so slow?" 
"My child," He said, "What could I do? 
"You never did let go.

Author Unknown

Cindygirl's Other Junior/Adult Lessons

July 22 Lesson

A Life of Excellence and Integrity

A Life of Excellence and Integrity, by CindyGirl, World Sunday School.com

This week’s lesson focuses on living a life of excellence.  We will be studying from the book of Daniel and we will see how Daniel and his friend’s lives of excellence before the Lord, were a catalyst in which they were enabled by God to live out the destinies that He had planned for them.  Dear one, you too can purpose in your heart to live a life of excellence before the Lord.  You and I can choose to live a life of integrity and of great character so that the name of Jesus will be lifted up and God will be glorified.

Handout:  A Life of Excellence and Integrity

Sadly, we live in a world where living a life of excellence is on a downward spiral.  There are so many people who are only out for themselves and what they can gain and to some it doesn’t matter who they trample on or what they have to do to reach their goals.  It is exactly as foretold in the Bible teachings.  Jesus as well as many others taught of how it would be in end times.  However, we as children of God, sons and daughters of our Sovereign Father, we through Christ can live a life of excellence and integrity even in a world that does not.  We will study a wonderful example of living an excellent life by looking at the lives of Daniel and three of his friends.  First though, let’s look at the definition of excellence and integrity.

GOD Bless You.


CindyGirl - See my church!

Adams Hill Church

Adams Hill Church, Morgan County, Tennessee


July 15, 2018

Scroll down for July 22 lesson

Moses: Daily Bread from Heaven, by Lisa DeVinney

> Moses: Daily Bread from Heaven, by Lisa DeVinney

Grades 3-6 Sunday School Lesson

Grades 3-6 Lesson for Sunday School: 
Moses: Daily Bread from Heaven

Teacher’s Notes:  Last week the Israelites complained that they were thirsty. And God provided them with sweet water to drink.   This week, we’re going to find them complaining, again; this time that they’re hungry.  And, again, we’ll find God meeting their needs.  And in the process, the Israelites are going to learn some new lessons; like trusting God to meet their needs on a daily basis, the cost of disobedience, and a new tradition – the Sabbath. 

Moses: Daily Bread from Heaven, by Lisa DeVinney

Class Activity:

Fill in the Blanks

  1. God rained bread down from heaven, and the Israelites called it             .
  2. Those who kept the manna over night found             in it the next morning.
  3. Moses let the people know they were not complaining to him, but to          .
  4. God wants us to ask Him for our                bread.
  5. Jesus said, “I am the             of life.”

True or False
1. The Israelites trusted God to provide food when they were hungry.
2. God planned to use the manna to test the Israelites. 
3. The Israelites were told to gather only enough manna for one day. 
4. Everyone followed the instructions, and no one had manna left over the next morning. 
5. Jesus proclaimed Himself to be the Bread of Life. 

July 22 Lesson

Moses:  Not by Might

Teacher’s Notes:  This week we’re going to meet a new enemy of Israel, the Amalekites; a new hero, Joshua.  And we’re going to find the Israelites in their first military battle.  As usual, God has some important lessons for His people to learn, as they face this new enemy.  They’re going to find that there’s more going on than just what meets the eye.  And most importantly, they’ll see that it’s not military might that wins the battle.  It’s prayer and the power of the Spirit that saves the day!   

Handout for July 22

Fill in the Blanks

  1. The                     attacked the children of Israel.
  2. Moses chose                    to lead the Israelite army.
  3. Moses stood on a hill with the            of            in his hand.
  4. When Moses became tired,                    and Hur helped hold up his hands.
  5. God told                   to write an account of this battle in a book.

True or False
1. The Amalekites attacked the weakest of the Israelites. 
2. Moses led the army of Israel into battle. 
3. When Moses’ hands went down, the Amalekites prevailed. 
4. The Amalekites feared God. 
5. Aaron and Hur helped keep Moses’ hands up when he got tired. 

Lisa's Other Grade 3-6 Lessons

-- Lisa DeVinney --

Primary Level


Take it to the Lord in Prayer, July 15 2018 Lesson by Julie Pisacane

Take it to the Lord in Prayer
Open with prayer asking God  to bless us with true understanding of His Word and help us to always be mindful of the benefit and blessed
privilege of prayer.

Take it to the Lord in Prayer, July 15 2018 Primary Handout by Julie Pisacane

Opening discussion questions:

1. Did people turn to Jesus to learn?     (Yes!)

2.  Can people learn from Jesus today?   (Yes!)

3.  How can they still learn from Jesus?  (praying, talking with pastors,
      hearing lessons   from The Bible ... )

4. What places can someone go to learn of Jesus?  (Church, Christian home, Sunday school, online Christian websites such as WorldSundaySchool.com )

5.  Did Jesus bring people the truth?   (Yes.)

6.   Did Jesus always bring the truth?        (Yes.)

6.   Do you think of Jesus as a teacher?  Why or why not ...talk about it.

7.    Can you take turn naming some of the lessons Jesus taught to his disciples? 
Lesson Activity:    Name all the lessons you know in your heart from the Bible.


8.    Did Jesus ever teach on praying, faith, forgiveness?
 loving God and neighbor, keeping   commandments 
 and being kind to others?   (Yes!)

9.    Do you think these are important life lessons?   Why or why not? 
       Take turns talking about this.

10. Fill in the blanks to today's focus verse:


The same came to Jesus by night,
and said unto him, Rabbi, we know that thou art a _______________
come from ________: for no man can do these miracles
that thou doest, except ___________ be with him.






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Lesson Helps


Sunday School Lessons, Vol. 1 - Primary Level, by Julie Pisacane

Junior/Adult Lesssons - Cover

3rd-6th Grade Lessons - Cover

I Will Lift Up my Eyes, by Lisa DeVinney