In the Begining

Primary Level

Beginning Prayer :  Start with a prayer of thanks and praise to the Lord for all His creations . Encourage the children to also take the time to thank the Lord for something they appreciate right now in this life.
Discussion Activity :
Have the children take turns to talk about the following  reminding them to be patient and listen quietly as each one speaks at their turn :
 1. A favorite part of nature  that God created  and have them name
what they are . (   Ex.  ---  animals, stars , sun , ocean , us !! )
2.  Talk about the difference between what God
 has made and what mankind can make. ( ex. buildings ,toys ,cars )
Drawing Activity :
(Suggested supplies : paper - pencil , crayons , paint and paintbrushes .)
Allow the children to draw  or paint  his/favorite creation that God made.
Memory Verse for Today: 
In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.  -Genesis 1:1
Take a few moments to repeat this to verse to the children and
have them say it out loud as a group . Ask them to place it to memory
and keep it forever in their heart.
Read Aloud Poetry :  Ask the children to pay attention to the poem so that they
can do their best to answer the question when you are finished reading it .

Watching The Rain

Rain, released from the sky
Rests on emerald grass
Sparkling like glass.

As the rain falls,
She brings a friendly breeze
Refreshing all the trees.

While I watch the rain
Sparrows seem thrilled
As birdbaths are filled.

Rain lets out her song
All the way down
Blessing the town.

The abundance of rain
Is able to bring
Comfort to life
And joy to Spring.

Julie Pisacane © 2007
Question for the children  based on the poem :
What are some of  things mentioned in the poem that  God made ?
Closing Prayer :   Close with a prayer asking for God's blessing to be upon the group , allowing all the children to see, know, understand and be thankful for all that He has made .


Julie Pisacane
May 15, 2022